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Siberia, 1581. When Umey, an outcast woman of Samoyed and Russian blood, stumbles on a ravaged village, she unwittingly uncovers a plot that threatens to devastate her beloved forests and the tribal folk who live there. It's furs—soft gold—the invading Cossacks crave, and the greediest of them is Yermak, the man who saved her life and raised her.


Armed with fearsome muskets, the Cossacks plunge deeper into Siberia. Umey is soon forced to make a choice: accept Yermak's protection, or use her woodland skills to aid the tribes in their desperate resistance. Umey and Alexey, a Russian soldier who has seen too much war, are soon enmeshed in an unfolding crucible of destruction where they must rely on their courage and newfound love if they are to survive.

"I was immediately drawn in by the atmospheric and descriptive effort that Czech put into his writing to bring the wilds of Siberia to life. I was fascinated by the customs and tribal people as well as the beauty of nature … Umey’s gentle but unwavering courage makes her a protagonist whom you grow to feel deeply for during the adventure. Overall, Kiss of Frost and Flame is a work that fans of historical adventures and cross-cultural writing are sure to enjoy as much as I did."  --K. C. Finn,  author of Caecilius Rex and The Book of Shade

Signed copies available directly from me, $20 + $4 postage. Please email me at   Also available as an e-book or softcover from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Fireship Press. 
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